Ingenico Chip & Pin Card Terminals + Merchant Services

We can supply the popular Ingenico Chip & Pin Card Terminal range to locals businesses. Plus, offer great rates on merchant service accounts.

Whether you're a retailer, eatery or service; work from premises or are mobile, card terminals offer a convenient way of taking upfront payments in person or over the phone.  If you value your time then the convenience of card machines can remove the need to create invoices, deal with cash or chase up late payers.

Prices and charges are outlined below. We can include everything you need to get started.

  • Prices from only £23+VAT per month per terminal (broadband terminal with inbuilt printer)
  • No installation/setup fees
  • Latest terminals with contactless / Apple Pay
  • Fast broadband installation
  • Can supply Wi-Fi and mobile terminals also
  • Very easy to use
  • Fast turn around
  • Swap out service/support in the event of problems

Great Deals On Merchant Service Accounts When You Buy a Terminal

Through selected partners we can offer hard-to-beat low processing rates on Merchant Accounts.

  • No fixed fee transaction charges, percentage only
  • Low percentage fees per transaction, typically 0.3% for debit cards, 0.8% for credit cards
  • Minimum charge £10 a month (if under £10 in transaction fees)

Example: if you received 20 payments of £50 per month by debit card (£1000), that's 20 * 50 * 0.003 = £3 in transaction fees. With the minimum monthly charge above, you'd pay £7 to bring that up to £10.

Note: Because there are no fixed fees charges, this generally alleviates the need for conditions like £5 minimum spend or passing charges onto customers in low spend circumstances. If your local retailer applies such charges, ask them to get in touch.

Already Have a Terminal / In-Contract?

Compare the rates above with your current bill. If you can save at least £300 over a year (the price of a terminal over that period) it can be worthwhile switching immediately to enjoy these low rates and savings. You may be able to save much more, and if you're willing to supply a bill we can let you know what the saving would be.

For more info or to order please contact us. We can also offer online payment solutions from SagePay and Ingenico, and will be soon offering our own Stock Control / Sales System with full card machine integration.

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